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Alfonzo Dowe, Sr.
, is the founder and inventor of The Twister Cleaner.

After spending over twenty-five years as an avid golfer, Dowe continually experienced the need for a golf ball cleaning device everywhere on the golf course. Dowe, as well as everyone he played golf with would always say, “when a golf ball cleaner is needed the most, there’s never one available“.




The last straw came when Dowe lost a grudge match after missing a putt due to an unseen clump of dirt on his golf ball. Because he took the loss personal, Dowe went on a mission to develop a golf ball cleaner that would be available anywhere on the golf course.

Dowe envisioned such a device to be lightweight, portable, durable, made from high quality materials, and able to work as good as, or better than the stationary ball washers currently in use on golf courses. After years of designing, engineering, and determination, Dowe is pleased to present his creation to the world of golf.

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